What is William Syndrome? – Pictures, Life Expectancy, Symptoms

What is William Syndrome?

William Syndrome is one of the common genetic disorders found in the world. The syndrome remains present from the birth of the child to the end. The syndrome is generally defined by the mild to critical cardiovascular problems along with mental disabilities like lack of brain growth and reasoning disability. The William Syndrome can also show some facial abnormalities which can be mild or prominent. However, unlike other genetic disorders, William Syndrome does not affect the social values of the patient. It has been observed that patients with William Syndrome are social and tend to mingle with others. It is not so difficult also to connect to your child who is suffering from the William Syndrome. The impact of the disease generally depends on the criticality of the issue. It can be life threatening and can also be present in the patient while they live a normal life. But it is to be mentioned that the people who suffer from the William Syndrome need assistance for living and struggle for the entire life for lack of brain development.

Symptoms of William Syndrome?

The most visible and prominent symptom of William Syndrome can be observed in the facial appearance. People suffering from the syndrome generally have a small nose with a small chin and full lips. The puffiness around the eyes is also very common for the disease. If a child has blue or green eyes then starburst can be noticed in the iris. It is a white layer on the iris. The facial appearance becomes more prominent with the growing age.

Majority of the people suffering from the William Syndrome show some problems related to blood vessels. Generally the aorta or the pulmonary arteries get narrowed due to the syndrome. The severity of the narrowing depends on the individual. However, it can be life threatening if not monitored properly.

The elevation in the blood calcium level or the vitamin D level might be observed among the patients. If the problem is not cured at the childhood, it may stay for the entire life. Apart from it the children might also show problems with the feeding and irritability due to William Syndrome. Children born with William Syndrome are generally lower weighed.

Kidney abnormalities and hernias are also very common among the patient suffering from William Syndrome. Apart from it, the patient also shows the dental problems due to the disease. Sensitive hearing is also very common symptom among the people.

Apart from it, the children generally show a lack of development symptoms due to William Syndrome. If not treated well, the patient may also suffer from the depression and other mental stress, however, if behaved well patients remain normal and social.

William Syndrome Association

William Syndrome is a critical disease which requires more associative and assistive works rather than treatment. The proper therapies and the confidence building in the patients can make a huge difference. It is important for the people associated with the patient to behave normally and socially with the patient. Generally people with William Syndrome need assistance, affection and association to live a normal life. There are many associations that are meant for the William Syndrome, and they generally involve and care the patient and help them to stand on their own.

Treatment of William Syndrome

There is no treatment available for the William Syndrome at least to cure it. However, with the progress of medical science supportive treatments are available. According to the doctors, William Syndrome is not curable. But early detection can help the patient to undergo some quality therapy and assistance which would help them to be more normal.

Apart from it for the cardiovascular problems medical assistance can be given, if needed surgery can be made in order to fix the blood vessels problems. It has been observed that people with William Syndrome undergo treatment for the dental problems as well.

However, the physiotherapy and proper training remains the prime treatment for the genetic disease. All the treatments are available when the patient is not having any severe problem within the body due to William Syndrome.

Life Expectancy of William Syndrome

The life expectancy of a patient suffering from William Syndrome depends on the severity of it. Generally, people having mild to normal impact of William Syndrome live normal life with proper medical assistance and training. However, if the condition is severe and the cardiovascular system fails due to the disease then the infant can face unfortunate death within few months of the birth.

William Syndrome Pictures

William Syndrome

Picture 1

facial features of william syndrome

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what is william syndrome ?

Picture 3 – What is william syndrome ?

william syndrome baby

Picture 4 – William Syndrome baby

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