Privacy Policy

We understand your need for privacy and confidentially so we at would ensure that no information from you will be seen by third parties to reduce spam and unwanted emails. For the public who would want to protect their privacy at all times, visiting the site will allow you to become informed while you cannot be traced by others.  This privacy policy discusses what information do we get from our users and how do we use these information to benefit the visitors of the site.

What Information does Syndromespedia get?

Syndromespedia is a blog site created with WordPress. In this line, the site collects log files from your system as well as personal information that will be kept confidential.

What are Log Files?

Log files are those information that is automatically detected using cookies. Cookies are alpha numeric identifiers that help the site connect to your computer in order to analyse some of the importantinformation such as your IP address, browser, domain name and host, operating system, date and time you visited the site and your ISP or Internet Service Provider. Cookies are used by most websites to detect log filesinformation. Log files are anonymous information, which means that others cannot link it to your own personal information. Knowing your log files does not mean that the site will know who you are automatically. By the time you enter the site or any of its pages, these log files are automatically detected. Log files are collected for monitoring purposes only.

What is Personal Information?

Your personal details are those collected by the site in case you will leave a comment, reply to any of the threads or contact the administrator. The personal information will include your name, email address and website if any. These are used to identify you as a person in order for us to know that you are not a spammer. Users should be assured that personal information will not be linked to any of your log files so that you can keep your information confidential. Your personal information will also not be shared to third parties, which they can use to contact or detect you.

How Do We Use your Information?

As discussed above, your log files and personal information will only be solely used by the site to make the site better for you. Your log files will only be used for monitoring purposes suchas to detect spammers while your personal information will only be used to reply to your comment or questions. Your email will also not be displayed in the site.

Use of Minors

All information in this site contains medical information that children may not be able to interpret in the best way. In this line, users below 18 years of age are encouraged to seek the assistance of their parents or guardians in using the site.


Advertisers may freely use the site for marketing purposes; however, for the interest of the users, no information regarding the visitors of the site is shared to advertisers. Nevertheless, if you opted to visit an advertiser’s site, the privacy policy of is automatically waived and the privacy policy of the advertiser’s site comes into place.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, you may click the Contact Us button and leave a comment. Any information provided here will be kept confidential.

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