Capgras Syndrome – Treatment, Causes, Symptoms

What is Capgras Syndrome?

Capgras Syndrome is one of the very rare diseases that are seen in today’s world. This syndrome makes someone believe that one person has been replaced by another one or gets double.

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The vision also becomes double for the suffering person. This syndrome is also called Capgras Delusion; a person perceives that a familiar person has been replaced by an exact replica.

The syndrome is generally classified as a brain injury or damage. The disease can take some time to come into effect, but it can also be very fast as well. The disease has been related to diseases like schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease and Related Dementia which is popularly called as ADRD.

Symptoms of Capgras Syndrome

When it comes to the symptoms, the symptoms can become very perplexing and testing as well for the patient, caregivers and also the misidentified persons. The emotions and belief of the patient remain correct according to him. The major symptom of the syndrome is the patient is that the patient starts believing that a friend or relative has been replaced by an imposter or an exact replica of him.

The symptoms of the patient are not behaving normally to him. It has been seen that the behavior of the patient changes completely once they see the person whom they have misidentified. Sometimes the patient remains normal until they come across a person.


It has been observed that they turn violent on some time. However, it is very important to understand that the patient suffering from Capgras Syndrome is not exactly a mental patient. Generally, a mentally disordered person is someone who has lost its mental balance. However, in case of Capgras Syndrome, the patient shows proper behavior for other aspects apart from the misidentification.

It can be said that in this syndrome only one part of the brain starts behaving abnormally. Lack of concentration is another symptom that is associated with the syndrome. However, a Capgras Syndrome patient continues to suffer from anxiety and fear. The patient continuously thinks about the misidentified person, and that leads to major problems.

Capgras Syndrome

Causes of Capgras Syndrome

The causes of the Capgras Syndrome are generally injury to the brain. A severe injury on the brain or a brain damage can cause the Capgras Syndrome. The injury is generally not so clear at the first instant. However, with the progress of time symptoms of the Capgras Syndrome becomes more prominent and severe. Schizophrenia can also be the cause of the syndrome.

Any injury to the brain should not be neglected in any manner. It has been noticed that the injuries that are left unattended or not generally addressed  takes the form of Capgras Syndrome. However, it is not necessary that any brain injury will become Capgras Syndrome.

Medical experts are not so sure about the form or type of brain injury which results in the syndrome, but one thing is for sure that the syndrome is associated with the brain damage or injury. Theory suggests that the malfunction of Virtual Cortex of the brain and emotional familiarity generally causes the Capgras Syndrome.

Treatment of Capgras Syndrome

The Capgras Syndrome is classified on the syndromes like Bipolar Disorder and other delusions. There is no prescribed treatment available for the Capgras Syndrome as of now.

The major reason behind lack of the medical facility of this syndrome is the lack of research. However, doctors have come up with many facts that can keep the patient in control. As per the treatment, it is not at all wise to give the patient any logic behind their illogical emotions.

The disease that is also called as The Imposter Syndrome can only be controlled by sympathizing with the patient. It is important to understand the feelings of the patient and cooperate with the person. Also, one needs think like the patient and then talk to him or her.

Positive emotional atmosphere and environment are also very important for the patient to recover slowly. Even though, there is no prescribed medicines or surgery available for the permanent cure of the disease but proper behavior with the patient can help the patient to come around and adopt the situation.

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