Morgellons Syndrome

What Is Morgellons Syndrome?

Morgellons Syndrome is a not commonly occur disorder, in which affected patient complaints thread or fiber-like materials moving into the underlying tissues of the skin. Therefore, the condition is also termed as a fiber disease.

It is observed that Morgellons Syndrome affected patients are complaining something biting, crawling or vicious feeling develops in the overall body. Some experts assume Morgellons Syndrome is sultantent of psychosis effect and termed as “delusional parasitosis”.

But the underlying cause of the Morgellons Syndrome is not clear and does not found any skin-specific, nerve-specific or psychiatric involvement. Therefore it is also known as “unexplained dermopathy”, without a known reason can cause skin problem1,2,3.

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Predominance & Incidence

It has been found that races like Caucasian females have high tendency to develop Morgellons Syndrome at the age between 35 years to 50 years.

The risk of developing this condition is less in older aged people. The predominance of this disease is more in people stay in Texas, Florida, and California than other US people. It has been also observed that depression and abusing of drugs are complications which trigger Morgellons Syndrome1,3,4.


Hypothyroidism (lack of thyroid functioning) affected people have more tendency to develop Morgellons Syndrome. Researchers found that synthetic chemtrails are as similar as fibers present in Morgellons Syndrome.

Therefore it is expected that certain chemicals may cause Morgellons Syndrome. In some medical reports, it has been found that Morgellons disease is developed in association with Lyme disease.

Another concept about the Morgellons disease is delusional parasitosis, in which experts believe that Morgellons Syndrome is a delusional parasitosis means it is a psychotic condition where patient’s feeling about parasites infestation is completely imaginary.

So there is no basis of diagnosis based upon physical signs. There is no evidence found about infection, so the risk of the contagious condition is negligible. Even no definite environmental toxin yet identified for the onset of Morgellons disease2,3,5.


The main symptom of Morgellons Syndrome is related to unpleasant skin sensations. The included unpleasant skin sensations are as follows:

  • All over the skin of the body has to feel of crawling bugs
  • Stinging sensation and burning like feeling occurs in the skin
  • Some seed or granules like rashes or black spotty marks are appearing on or in the skin.
  • Severe itching
  • Onset of skin sore sudden with delayed wound healing
  • Hyperpigmented scars marks which are looks like sores causes red marks on the skin
  • Thread-like fibers trapped in the skin
  • Apart from skin symptoms, the following symptoms are also associated with Morgellons Syndrome:
  • Concentration problem or difficult to pay attention
  • Brain clouding
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Loss of hair
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Neurological problems
  • GI disturbances
  • General malaise
  • Loss of tooth
  • Loss of visual and hearing
  • Sleep disorder
  • Loss of short-term memory
  • Some psychological problems like 2,3



Published medical literature has demonstrated that Morgellons is closely associated with a spirochetal infection with Borrelia. Multiple metagenomic analyses and molecular studies identified the Borrelia spirochete in every Morgellons study subject.

This bacterium is transmitted when a vector such as a tick bites an individual. It is estimated that 6-10% of Lyme patients develop Morgellons disease. It remains unknown why some Lyme patients develop Morgellons while the majority do not.

As previously stated, Morgellons is not transmitted via casual contact, but rather via a vector bite. The jury is still out on the possibility of sexual transmission. Researchers have been able to detect and culture Borrelia from seminal and vaginal fluids but the likelihood of transmission remains unknown2,4.


On an average, most of the Dermatologists and Infectious Disease Specialists are unaware of Morgellons Disease. Therefore, Delusions of Parasitosis diagnosis is not readily conducted in clinics. Most often, Morgellons Disease is misinterpreted as textile contamination.

However, the diagnosis tests are based on symptomatic detail discussion, complete physical examination and imaging of fibers in skin with 60x – 100x lighted microscopy.

There are no specific tests available for diagnosing Morgellons disease. Even the concept that describes Morgellons Disease association of Lyme disease is also unable to diagnose properly because no accurate tests are available for Lyme disease diagnosis.

But several lab reports showed that Borrelia detection is common in Morgellons Disease, even without serological findings of Lyme disease. However, According to the CDC surveillance, many laboratories unsuccessful in detecting antibodies in Lyme serologic testing.

However, specialized tick-borne diseases testing in the laboratory is highly recommended for detection of Morgellons Disease and interpretation must be done by Lyme literate qualified healthcare provider2,3.


There is no specific treatment available for Morgellons disease, depending on the patient condition doctor make a treatment plan. The following treatment options are available for Morgellons disease:

Prescribed drugs

Ivermectin is the prescribed drugs available for treatment of Morgellons disease. Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen is prescribed to control the pain, Lorazepam is for reducing anxiety and Amphetamine-Dextroamphetamine is available for fatigue.

morgellons disease


Coconut oil, Grapefruit seed extract and L-Carnitine can be used as supplementation for Morgellons disease2,5,6.

Outcome & Prognosis

The treatment outcome is not same for every individual, therefore individualized treatment plan is recommended for Morgellons disease affected patients. The prognosis varies and may need to continue treatment for several months or years depending upon the patient’s response.

every Treatment is individualized for each person and can take several months to years depending on their response 6,7.


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