Highlander Syndrome

What is Highlander Syndrome?

Highlander Syndrome

\] is a disorder in which an individual ages at an extremely slow rate. This disorder has however not been officially recognized a medical condition. Studies and research about this disorder haven’t made any breakthrough and there is a lot to be done. Up to now, scientists do not understand what the disorder is and it causes. 1,2,3

Highlander Syndrome Causes


The most notable symptom is that an individual ages at an extremely slow rate. Also, people with the disorder tend to have wrinkled skin and hair loss.

Highlander Syndrome Symptoms


It is not known what causes highlander syndrome, however, it is believed that the disorder may be as a result of genetic mutation.

Ageing- any connections

So far, highlander syndrome is linked to the ageing process of a human being. And while there has been hundreds of theories discussing about ageing, there is no one that is tied to highlander syndrome.

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Richard Walker research on “Syndrome

Richard Walker has been studying the process of ageing, and believes that it is as a result of changes in biological mechanism of the body. Walker believes that ageing is something that can be understood and says that ending ageing could lie in a rare disease, which hasn’t been identified or named and then refers to it as ‘Syndrome X.’

The scientist had identified at least four girls who seem to have this condition and these girls tend to have permanent state of infancy and an arrest of their developmental process. However, he has not been able to get the cause for such slowed ageing process. It may be a disruption of the body’s DNA mechanism and issues of mutation. Researchers are yet to reveal the cause of Highlander syndrome.

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