Sundown Syndrome – What is?, Symptoms, Treatment

Sundown syndrome is used to describe the frequency of agitation and confusion that mostly affect elderlies or person suffering from cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer’s and dementia exhibits this sundown syndrome.

SunDown Syndrome

Some studies have not yet proven why this occurs during past morning or at early evening but this have possible causes of hormonal imbalance that occurs during night time. This symptom subsides when daylight occurs.

This condition greatly affects the normal cognitive function of the brain. Moreover, this conditions still remains a mystery. People with this condition are called “Sundowners”. Many theories have been formulated and link with this condition. First, the stress those sundowners build up in his whole sensory stimulus that ruled out entirely in their body. Second, is the fatigue that they acquired the whole day making them think more and become stress and agitated during dark times.

Causes of Sundown Syndrome

Person suffering from dementia has internal biological clock. When changes occur within the interval of the biological clock can lead to sundown syndrome. Those clock is manipulated by the circadian rhythm which controls sleep-wake cycle and associate us how active we are during the day. It also influences behavioural regulations and changes.

Signs and Symptoms

This usually happens during afternoon going until early evening. These are:

  • Agitation especially during at night
  • Wandering around and forgot his way home, Sudden amnesia
  • Murmuring words he only understands
  • Exhibiting violence towards other, Hiding things of his own
  • Forgetting his own name
  • Altered activities of daily living
  • Short term memory gradually vanished
  • Confusions, Problems with vision
  • Low blood pressure, Mood swings
  • Crying frequently during early evening
  • Restlessness, Hallucinations
  • Imitating a person’s activity, Episodes of paranoia
  • Exhibit improper behaviour

On Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia

Loss of short term memory often happens to people. Best example when we forgot to turn off the lights before going out of the house or forgot to bring lunch kit of your kids. This simple oblivion may turn into a serious problem in the long run. At an early age, we noticed this kind of actions even to our own self.

Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia. This simple losing of memories can deep trigger this disease when we reached elderly age. As early as your age now, kindly modify those factors that triggered your forgetfulness. Brain booster is recommended for you to take.

Treatment and Support

Different medication is tried to use to deal this sundown syndrome. The treatment differs from each person. Yet some studies have been done to continue developing treatment for this syndrome. Some of the traditional methods are still used to treat this condition. Safety is the top priorities for this since this people are prone to accidents and mishaps.

  • Anti –psychotic drugs and anxiolytics is prescribe to alleviate hallucinations, paranoia and control the misbehavior
  • Music therapy gives relaxation for them
  • Massage soothes calmness for them
  • Aromatherapy is done to try to lessen the agitation
  • Touch therapy is also done to relax their body
  • Vitamins and minerals specially Gingko Biloba and vitamin E is necessary as memory enhancer
  • Herbal treatment such as St. John’s Wort also enhance memory
  • Give structured environment since they forget to do activities of daily living
  • Teach health care provider to assist and guide always the person affected
  • Place things that is important for the person near his eye view for easy access
  • Have environmental control to provide structure and routine
  • Maximize his or her own potential
  • Monitor fluid and nutritional intake for malnutrition
  • Monitor cognitive functions regularly as this condition worsens over time
  • Protect the affected person in any accidents or mishaps
  • Family members are taught to have interactions and socialization of the affected person

Simple things as it seems but can do a lot better. Understanding and open-mindedness is the key to successfully live with this people. You should not put them in harm. Instead, respect and guide them to survive and live a healthy and wellness life.



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