Savant Syndrome – What is?, Symptoms, Treatment

What is Savant Syndrome?

Savant syndrome is one of the very rare disease that is also defined mental disorders. However, the syndrome is more of special skill than a normal disorder. However, the fact remains that the syndrome is witnessed among people who are suffering from Autism. The record shows that half of the Savant syndrome patients are Autism patient as well. Autism is generally defined by mental disabilities or retardedness. However, Savant syndrome is having special skills like mathematics, arts, music and others in a tremendous amount. The most common ability of the patient suffering from Savant syndrome is the calendar calculations. One can easily calculate which date will fall on which day, and that is an exceptional power. Historically the disease has been linked with supernatural powers like reincarnation and others; however, the medical world explains it with injury or damage to certain part brain which results in the Savant syndrome. However, the exact reason for the syndrome is not defined.

Symptoms of Savant Syndrome

The symptoms and the signs of Savant syndrome can be found from the childhood days. The disease is termed as both blessing and curse. At one time the patient is sufferer of abilities and other time they are abnormally capable of doing something exceptional. The frequent and observed symptoms of the Savant syndrome are listed below.

The children suffering from Savant syndrome tend to show mental retardedness. The abnormal behavior and irrelevant activities show the signs of mental disorder. However, they do not show severe signs of mental disorder and can be controlled.

The children generally have some special powers and ability. It has been noticed that people who are having Savant syndrome are generally super talented on some specific field despite having very low IQ level.

The most common symptom among the Savant syndrome

Patients are ability to calculate calendar dates. This is common for almost all the patients, and they are very much able to calculate past and future dates.

Apart from it the patient is generally very strong in the field like mathematics. They can do the mathematical calculations in very quick time that is very uncommon. The skill of the mathematical calculations increases with the age and guidance.

The talent in Music and art are also very common among the patient. They do exceptionally well in the field of arts.

The memory power of the Savant syndrome patients is above intelligent level. They can store huge amount of data in their brain. The talent can be noticed in remembering sports details, history and even statistics.

All the signs are also considered as gifts of the syndrome. With the practice and growing age, the ability tends to increase. It has been noticed that the patient do show mental retardedness and problems with mental ability, but their extra talent can take them very high in life.

Blessing or Curse?

This topic is widely debated in the medical fraternity that the syndrome should be called as a curse for mental retards or it is a blessing for special ability. This is true that the Autism patient suffer Savant syndrome the most. But, the added exceptional talent takes some pain from them. Medical world remains undecided on whether it should be called as syndrome. Genetic Mutation which is most probably the reason of it cannot be controlled. But, the after effects are not so devastating like other. The mental disabilities can be addressed in some manner, but the exceptional intelligence with very less IQ is indeed a gift.

Treatment of Savant Syndrome

The patients of Savant syndrome specifically do not have any special treatment. The drugs and medicine do not really work on the patients; however, modern science can relatively lower the effect of the Savant Syndrome.

The lower IQ level and the mental retardedness of the patient can be taken care of from the childhood days. Speech Therapy and special education can indeed help the patients to stay closer to normal life. The cooperation of the parents and trainers can be of immense help.

The practice and nourishment of the special ability of the kid can be a great treatment as well. The success and continuous appreciation can help the child to have self-confidence, and the Autism can be hard fought.

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