Gut and Psychology Syndrome

What is Gut and Psychology Syndrome?

After analyzing a certain neurological and psychological conditions like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autistic spectrum disorders, obsessive –compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, dyslexia, schizophrenia, dyspraxia, depression, and psychiatric problems, which may commence due to neuro-psychological condition. Experts found a close association between the digestive system functioning and the brain functioning. The dysfunctional connection between this two physiological systems initiates the concept Gut and Psychology Syndrome1.

Further, a protocol is developed, which basically an intensive nutritional program implementation for healing the intestinal lining to focus on maintaining and curing the gut wall with improving beneficial gut ecosystem by balancing health friendly bacterial concentration.

The nutritional program mainly concerns about the implementation of foods like beneficial fats, bone broth, probiotics and fermented foods2.

Gut and Psycology Syndrome


Hippocrates, The Father of modern medicine demonstrated almost 200 years prior to the modern medical advancement that gut is the origin of all diseases! Later, with the advancement of the medical science with the development of the different scientific tool, illustrated that gut flora is involved in almost all cell and genetic material development in the human body.

Gut flora consists of a combination of different ‘good’ live microorganism present in our gastrointestinal tract and possesses an essential characteristic, which maintains our health and well being3.


The gut and psychological syndrome symptoms start from digestive disorders, which include diarrhea, bloating, abdominal cramp, constipation. Untreated condition of these digestive symptoms become severely aggravated and affects neurological and psychological health.

There are numbers of children and adults affected with autism, attention deficit disorder or other psychologically ill patients are identified, who had chronic digestive disorders.

These number is increasing day by day1. Some patients also have skin problems, eczema, and allergy due to the gut and psychological syndrome. Therefore, this is the high time to show concern about the gut disorders and that can be controlled by introducing proper diet plan.

Gut and Psycology Syndrome Symptoms

Protocol Specification

The gut and psychology syndrome protocol strictness depends upon the severity of the patient, which is based on Introduction Diet that helps to intensive healing.

At the beginning of the gut and psychology syndrome diet, the adaptive patient must fully compliant with the protocol guidance and gradually at the later stage they can introduce other foods in their diet chart. All the foods incorporated in the gut and psychology syndrome protocol are homemade, any deviation from the protocol cause gut aggravation.

The gut and psychology syndrome symptoms are considered that occurs due to malnourishment or poor diet plan that cause faulty food digestion and absorption on the gut wall. High-quality probiotics and cod liver oil are two ingredients in gut and psychology syndrome assist in digestion and absorption3.


The researchers are highly concern about the gut and psychology syndrome and prepare a protocol. This protocol is based on a diet plan and those participants want to participate in the trial, they should strictly follow the gut and psychology syndrome protocol.

The experts also suggest that the gut and psychology syndrome protocol require following 18 to 24 months for obtaining an effective result.

The nutritional protocol for the gut and psychology syndrome has three distinct part: Diet, Supplementation, and Detoxification.


The gut and psychology syndrome diet has two specific classes: Introduction diet and Full gut and psychology syndrome diet.

Introduction diet

It needs to follow for three to six weeks. This is effective for both digestive problems and psychological issues without having digestive issues. The included diseases are chronic diarrhea, gastritis, IBS, Crohn’s, and ulcerative Colitis. The different neurological conditions with severe conditions including depression, schizophrenia, autism, and bipolar.

Gut and Psycology Syndrome Diet

Full gut and psychology syndrome diet

It mainly consists of fish, meats, eggs, vegetables and fermented foods. The combination food habits mainly preferable, as fish, meat-containing foods are acidic, whereas vegetables are alkalinizing foods.

Body pH balancing is important for healthy life. Patients with the severe condition should avoid honey, nuts, and fruits. Backed foods with nut flours and yeast containing foods require to avoid or provided in a modified way, as these items delay the healing process. Prefer to select organic food items to avoid chemical load in the body4,5.


In the gut and psychology syndrome protocol, the supplementation therapy plays an important role. However, the expert needs to decide the required supplementation depending upon the patient condition.

Vitamin A, Essential fatty acids, high-quality probiotics, digestive enzymes and other vitamin and mineral supplementation are enlisted under supplementation therapy of gut and psychology syndrome4.


Detoxification of the body is required to excrete accumulated toxic substances in the body, which cause damage to the body tissues. Apart from these, some lifestyle managements like less chemical substance using in the house is important to avoid contacting harmful substances in the body4.


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