Crouzon Syndrome – Pictures, Symptoms, Surgery, Prognosis

Crouzon syndrome is a kind of Craniofacial Dysostosis. The main reason behind the syndrome is obliteration and ossification of more than or equal to two. It is best described as the deformities and anomalies and exophthalmos. The features of the syndrome are distinct and visible. The hereditary disease generally comes from Mother. The premature closure of Calvarial and cranial base leads to the deformities. The facial deformities consist of nose and lips as well. The chance of the Crouzon syndrome increases with the family history of the disease. However, the impact of the syndrome might be mild to severe. The effect of the Crouzonsyndrome depends upon the criticality of the disease.

Symptoms of Crouzon Syndrome

The presence of the symptoms of facial deformities is present from the childhood. However, it becomes prominent with the growing age for a child.

The patient of Crouzon syndrome generally has reduced metal capability. If the records are verified then it has been observed that almost 12% of patient suffers from mental weakness. It consists of slow and retarded mental ability.

Frequent and severe headache becomes very common with the sufferer. It has been observed among the people that they often have headaches, and sometimes it become so severe that it becomes unbearable. With the growing age, the vision of the Crouzon syndrome patient falls. Sometimes a drop in the vision becomes very critical, and the person reaches near blindness. Exposed Conjunctivitis and Keratitis also risks the visual disturbances. The eyes can get infected very often for Crouzon syndrome patients as well.

Intracranial Pressure is also very common in the patients. It is the pressure inside the brain that imparts the pressure in brain tissues and Cerebrospinal Fluid. This is the main reason for severe headache as well.

Canal Stenosis that is often called as Atresia becomes very susceptible for Crouzon syndrome patients. This can lead to deafness among the patient and serious hearing incapability.

Seizures and Convulsions are often observed among the patient. In extreme cases anxiety, hallucinations are also observed among the people.

Treatment of Crouzon Syndrome

Drugs and Medication are not much beneficial for the Crouzon syndrome. The genetical disorder which occurs due to mutation of the genes is not a subject of medication. However, the advancement of medical science have paved the way for treatment of Crouzon syndrome.

If reported early the visual disturbances can be reduced with Visual aids. Also, the treatment of the retina can be somewhat effective to control the continuous dropping of Visual capability.

The hearing impairment can also be controlled with the hearing aids. It has been observed that patient suffering from hearing incapability can hear properly with the device.

Airway Pressure Device can also be a great relieve for the patient in case of airway obstructions. It clears the nasal way and person can breath normally.

However, additional medical speech therapy and other medical therapies can also be very helpful for the patients who suffer from mental retardedness.

Surgery of Crouzon Syndrome

Even though, there is medicinal solution to the problem of Crouzon syndrome. However, situation can be controlled by operating surgery of the patient in some cases.

If reported early, then surgery of the eyes can remove the visual disturbances. Even though, one cannot be cured of the Crouzon syndrome but the visual disturbances can be addressed up to some extent.

For hearing impairment as well, surgery is quite effective. Sometimes the hearing aids fail to address the problem, at that time you need to go for surgery that can treat the problem up to some extent. Myringotomy is generally carried out for the excellent solution.

The surgery for air pressure way is also very common in Crouzon syndrome. People who are unable to breath for less airway pressure through nostrils can be operated for better results and treatment. Tracheostomy is quite helpful for the treatment.

Prognosis of Crouzon Syndrome

The average age of Crouzon syndrome patients is almost 50-55. However, it has been noticed that the lifeexpectency differs according to people. If surgery is being carried out and proper diet and medical attention is followed then the patients go on to live normal life. However, lack of treatment or delayed treatment can result in pre-mature death of the patient.

Pictures of Crouzon Syndrome

crouzon syndrome images

Image 1 – crouzon syndrome images

post surgery in crouzon syndrome

Image 2-  post surgery face in crouzon syndrome

mild crouzon syndrome

image 3-  family with crouzon syndrome

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